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This is where you as a business come in. Join the Hockey Dreams ambitions and make dreams come true in the coming years. We’ll make sure you feel the Hockey Dreams spirit and are part of the Hockey Dreams family. Get in touch and let’s create value for all!

Our foundation is recognised as an ‘ANBI‘ in the Netherlands (organisation for public benefit).

Support as a club

The power of your hockey community is very strong – and super valuable to us.

Become a partner club

Hockey Dreams works with companies and organisations who believe in the impact of using sports as a tool for development. And of course in a sustainable way. Our collaborations are of enormous value for the maintenance and growth of the programmes we run, and therefore priceless every single year. So our gratitude goes to the list below. By working with us, our (potential) partners, sponsors and suppliers meet their social responsibility. And that’s an investment for the future.

We’re here to talk about interesting, new and tailor made collaborations. And we sure like to think of a way to works for both parties. Since the start of our foundation, we have seen many creative projects so are happy to share our thoughts with you! Are you up to contribute to our sport for development goals? Drop us a message and we’ll speak soon.

Read here about our partnership with hockey club Phoenix (Dutch).

Sponsor a Hockey Dreams Coach

As a club, you know the importance of qualitative coaches and trainers for running your club. Will you help us help our coaches? With your support, you can make a lasting impact: the coach can finish secondary school, go to college and follow coaching and umpiring courses, skills that also give confidence off the pitch. The indication for a coach going through the full programme is € 5000-7500 (five to eight years; monthly allowance and his/her education).

Host a Hockey Dreams club event

Do you support our vision and want to put our work in the spotlights? You can host an event to raise awareness and funds for our programme. Invite us to your family tournament, your annual final BBQ or the Business league. Contact us and we will explore the options!

Sponsor a Hockey Dreams Trip

Every year, we invite one or two of the most motivated of our coaches for a special internship: the Hockey Dreams Trip. The coaches will come The Netherlands for a few weeks to learn more about hockey club culture here, grow as a coach in the camps of our partner SportWays and share their spirit with the kids and coaches here. All the impressions, drills and games they learn here, they bring back to elevate the hockey in their own community. If you can help with the funding of a trip, the coach can visit your club and give a clinic to your team.

Jump in as supporter

You as an individual can also make great impact.

Join the African Hockey Experience

The African Hockey Experience is a unique fundraising trip to one of our communities in Africa. Through the AHX, you can participate in the special exchange between hockey players and people interested in the power of sport. As participant you raise money that goes directly to the projects organised by the coaches you will meet. You personally experience what a difference it makes and what a buzz it creates.

Want to be part of our next trip? Keep an eye on www.africanhockeyexperience.com or write us a message.  (postponed until further notice)
Your next team trip an African Hockey Experience? Get in touch for a customised trip!

Let your hockey stick be reused

Sticks (and balls, cones and bibs) are used all the time but are difficult to get locally or to get in affordable bulk. So we are very happy if you donate your old ones!

Where to donate? At several hockey clubs and in several shops you can donate your stick. You can also bring it to us at an event where we’re present or check out the Equipment Initiatives below! And of course, write us if you want to bring it to our office in Amsterdam, or when you want to start a collection point at your club.

Become part of the team in Amsterdam

Interested in what we do and want to and want to join the team? Check out our vacancies to see who we are looking for to expand our team in the Netherlands.
  • We’re always looking for Event Team Members: as Hockey Dreams we are present at different hockey events and can use your help with for example our hockey game. Interested? Write us at: events@hockeydreams.nl.
  • Enthusiastic about what we do and can help us out in any other way? We’re always looking for driven people who love to work with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us. This also goes for internships. If you are motivated, we can talk about the options! Contact us at info@hockeydreams.nl.

Become club ambassador

We’re on the look out for club ambassador, who are the person-to-go-to for your club in case we have something cool to share with you. The goal is to link your club to our foundation and both benefit from it. For example, your club runs a tournament and would like to link a charity to it. In return, we can organise a game with cool prizes from our brand partners!

Feel like this is something for you? Contact us at events@hockeydreams.nl and let’s find possibilities together 🙂

Make a donation

Would you like to support our Hockey Dreams mission? With your help, we can keep supporting our coaches and kids. No matter how big or small the donation is. Every penny counts! Check our donation page.

Engage as a team

Use the excitement and eagerness of your team to do good and support others.

Score 4 Hockey Dreams

Do you share our vision that hockey is for everyone? Then Score 4 Hockey Dreams! With your team, find supporters, family, friends and neighbours who sponsor your team for every goal in the competition or in a tournament. In return, we give your team visibility throughout our social media and monitor the competition with other teams who are fundraising!

Are you a coach or player and interested to fundraise this season? Send us a message.

Visit a Hockey Dreams community

Looking for an adventurous team trip? A special exchange of skills between hockey players? We can organise a tailor made African Hockey Experience! At any time a year, to any of our communities. Write us with your ideas!

Equipment collection

Hockey equipment is essential to our programmes. We are very happy we get offered a lot! For our impact to be as sustainable as possible, we check 4 key elements before collecting and shipping equipment.

Read below about the different elements (or find out more here) and on ‘Getting equipment to us and to Africa’. Learn about equipment partnerships and where you can hand in your equipment to be reused.

Local market availability

We aim to promote the local economy where we can.

Shared usability

The shipped equipment gets used everyday, all day.

Logical feasibility

Getting equipment to our communities is an operational mission.

Storage limitations

We have limited space to store equipment.

What we collect

Always: Hockey sticks, balls, cones and bibs

Yes please to all of these! Sticks, balls, cones and bibs are used all the time (sticks for example rotate and might be used by ten different kids in one session) but are difficult to get locally or to get in affordable bulk. Please do check the state, in particular of your stick; it’s not worth the transport if it can’t be used on arrival.

Seldom: Goalie equipment

Goalie sets don’t score high in terms of shared use and logistics. For international transport we can find a way, but locally coaches rely on their legs, bikes and public transport to get to different projects and community fields. So lugging goalie sets along every session would often mean less sticks for more kids. Every now and then we do try to donate complete goalie sets to the coaches’ clubs.

Almost never: Clothing & Shoes

Clothing is offered in big numbers every year. Because of local businesses, we don’t want to ship it all to our program countries. We do however see that a kit can make a camp, tournament or league extra special for all participants. So we send only that of brands and clubs that do more than donating clothing; Hockey Dreams becomes their official charity and they raise funds to pay for the shipment and for the actual programs.

Shoes are available on local markets for reasonable prices, are a personal item and can wear out quick. Reasons to not collect shoes at the moment.

And how about the rest? Shin pads, gloves, bags etc.

  • For items as shin pads or gloves we cannot sustain the flow or logistics. If the items on offer are new, we might be able to take up a bit.
  • Larger stick bags or goalie bags are welcome, very useful for local transport of equipment by our coaches!
  • We are thankful if you share new items that we can use as prizes on events in The Netherlands: we raise money by letting kids (and adults) play a hockey game where they can win prizes, or through a lottery at clubs or on our fundraising golf events.

Getting equipment to us and to Africa

We kindly request to donate equipment to us, by getting it to us. We are limited in (human) resources so not having to pick it up somewhere else makes a world of difference.

If you get it to us, we make sure the next 10.000 kilometers are taken care of!

  • Our office is in Amsterdam, maybe somebody you know is going to visit for a day and would like to help out.
  • You can send small batches by mail.
  • We can also try connect somewhere: we are present at various events on different hockey clubs with our promo team.

Visiting Uganda, Zambia or Malawi? Let us know and we like to add a bag to your trip. Of course you can then also meet the coaches and join them for some hockey.

Want your equipment to be reused?

Equipment initiatives

Hockey Dreams x European Hockey Federation

European Countries

In progress. In the meantime, read more about the partnership here.

Hockey Dreams x Otter Hockey

United Kingdom

We have teamed up with Otter Hockey to create Project R (Re-Use). Otter Hockey wants to make the game affordable and expand the games reach. They will take your used sticks, balls and cones that you no longer need and send them to our Sustainable Hockey Communities. They are collecting for the UK only.

Are you located in the UK and want to donate equipment? Head to the Otter website to find out how you can make a difference.


hockey sticks collected


hockey balls collected


cones and bibs collected

Would you like to support Hockey Dreams in our mission?

With your help, we can keep supporting our coaches and kids. No matter how big or small the donation is.