Hockey Dreams League

The event

The Hockey Dreams League is a series of competitions in our 3 Hockey Dreams Communities: Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. From September to December 2022, 10 League days will take place in each community, including sport for development activities tackling social topics. 

Our coaches

organise the League and develop their leadership, administrative and organisational skills.

Our coaches

are role models and create a safe environment for the kids to play, share and learn.

Our coaches and kids

participate in sport and play, receive meals and drinks during the League days, and together learn about social topics.

“Hockey Dreams Foundation is special because they choose to work with local coaches so that the children feel faultless, most have the same past. There is a team of young trainers who train the children every day with full energy, enthuse them and give them warmth and love.”

Bjorn KellermanDutch National Team & Hockey Club Kampong

“I believe that the strength of HDF is keeping things small and personal and therefore make a big impact in a community. Start small, create role models and let it grow organically. This approach in combination with a mindset which states that not another white European will tell them what he thinks is best for them, but facilitate and empower, makes it a very successful programme!"

Tristan AlgeraHockey Club Rotterdam

“By letting the kids play hockey, they stay away from bad behaviour on the streets. You learn them to play together, and let them have fun."

Maria VerschoorDutch National Team & Hockey Club Amsterdam

Sponsor a team

Sponsoring a team is a great way to support youth in their development. With your support, another team can join the competition and will be named after your company. Throughout the League, you follow the team and learn more about the Hockey Dreams Coaches and kids.

Team gets named after your company

Branded shirts for the entire team

Awards for the kids in company name

Customised aftermovie

Track your team through our leaderboard

Updates and videos straight from the communities

Impact 600+ kids, coaches and umpires

Exposure in three African countries and the hockey world

Where the money goes

Optimal support for the coaches in their educational and personal development trajectory

School fees, exam fees, books and utilities, transport, computer course, etc.

Safe learning environment and sport for development activities for coaches and kids

Coaching courses, hockey camps, tournaments, first aid, equipment, etc.

Training and capacity building of Hockey Dreams communities

Administrative workshops, partnership development, knowledge sharing, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Enabling start of new Hockey Dreams Communities

Local leadership, recruitment coaches, team buidling coach allowances, equipment, coaching and monitoring, etc.


You can be part of this event as a company, team or club. Interested? Check out the partner packages, feel free to contact us or sign up through our form.

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It’s also possible for individuals to contribute to the League. There will be an extra team supported by the Friends of the Hockey Dreams League.

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Involved partners

Hockey Dreams – League – L'Origine


L’ORIGINE represents a global development of Afro Diaspora culture: Urban Afroism. Established in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, L’ORIGINE operates across platforms ranging from menswear to lifestyle coverage and heritage building, at once reflecting and engaging the growing awareness of urban youth ever connected to their roots. Displaying this through substantial but distinct content. Leading this ambiguous practice is a strong emphasis on experimentation and collaboration, without losing the unique vision. The synthesis of upmost creative minds translates through the development and presentation of masterpieces with their own narrative and directive. - C’est L’ORIGINE -

The youth should always be free to express themselves through sports and activities no matter the circumstances. Hockey Dreams creates this chance in a versatile way, by training local coaches to train and guide local kids in more ways than Hockey alone. That’s what we support!

Hockey Dreams – League – Linklaters


Linklaters is a global law firm focused on bringing legal certainty in a changing world.
Hockey Dreams – League – SportWays


SportWays organizes hockey camps across the world, for enthusiastic hockey lovers of every age. The camps enjoy a reputation for offering a genuine international and hockey centered vibe. Players, goalies and staff travel from all over the world to the SportWays camps for an unforgettable time. SportWays lives and breathes hockey, and they want to share that with everyone who takes part at the camps. With a close-knit team of technical directors and players from the top Dutch hockey leagues, they commit to getting the best out of every participant and polish their talent to make them shine on the pitch.

SportWays is hockey without frontiers. Everyone should be able to play the best sport in the whole world. Hockey Dreams not only creates this opportunity for young hockey players in Africa, they also support local hockey coaches to reach their dreams. That really is hockey without frontiers!

Hockey Dreams – Africa Mobility Services Logo

Africa Mobility Services

Africa Mobility Services is an expert single source service provider for all your moving, relocation and logistics needs in Africa. Our dedicated professional team are experts in their field and are able to provide professional advice. We have offices in South-Africa, Angola and Congo and work closely together with partners all over Africa and worldwide to service our clients globally. We are here to help you with your new home in Africa. Please visit our website: for more information.

Africa Mobility Services is a proud sponsor of the Hockey Dreams Foundation for many years now. Africa Mobility Services cares about our fellow human-beings and society and supports social projects that mainly focus on children. Children are the future and hold the key to prosperity in the long term. The Hockey Dreams Foundation definitely contributes to the development of children in Africa while playing, having fun and creating friendships throughout the sport of hockey! The Africa Mobility Services leadership team visited one of the hockey camps in Zambia recently.

Hockey Dreams Wings Of Support

Wings of Support

Wings of Support is an independent initiative of employees of the KLM Royal Dutch Airline Group. Wings of Support helps children in the countries KLM flies to, for example by facilitating education, care and medical assistance. All depending on the local needs: the goal is to achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of children's lives in their own living environment.

Hockey Dreams shares the values of local opportunities and local learning with us. Therefore Wings of Support is proud to support their activities.


Jackson 7

Brothers Ashley and Wesley Jackson have used their international, European and domestic playing careers, as well as 30 years of combined coaching knowledge to create the ultimate hockey coaching services. Intuitive, modern & fun, we support all age groups from 6 years old to 60 years old. Jackson 7 supply hockey camps during school holidays, team coaching and 1:1 support using the most up to date and advanced coaching philosophy to create a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Alongside the Jackon brothers fall a team of hand selected, professional coaches. Players will have contact time with international and domestic Premier League professionals who take pride and work hard to deliver the best experience possible.

"The pandemic has taught us a lot and made us reflect on what we have and how we can help others. With this in mind we have teamed up with the Hockey Dreams Foundation to help bring a brighter future to those living in developing countries. We want to use our knowledge and reach within the hockey community to raise as much money as possible for the Hockey Dreams Foundation. It is the first charity we have come across using the power of Hockey to change lives and communities, for this reason we want to support Hockey Dreams."


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