Score Likes 4 Hockey Dreams

Join this challenge with your team from home

Good to see you here. This is #scorelikes4hockeydreams challenge that you can do from home. Registrations are now open! With this challenge, you help hockey coaches and kids in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. You do this together with your team and your supporters. Join us, Maria Verschoor, Nicolas de Kerpel and Janne Müller-Wieland!

How? Watch the video below for some inspiration and instructions 🙂 and scroll down for more information about the amazing prizes and how to enroll. Enjoy!

Register your team

The more likes, the more money

From November 13th 2020 until January 25th 2021, you and your team have the opportunity to join the #scorelikes4hockeydreams challenge. Get the most likes, raise the most money, support hockey coaches and kids in African countries and unlock your GRYPHON prizes!

The gain for you

Powered by hockey brand and Hockey Dreams partner GRYPHON: custom made hockey sticks for your entire team if you win!
50% GRYPHON discount vouchers for all participants!
Take a fun challenge with your team in these crazy times and gain exposure worldwide from the hockey network.

The gain for them

Nearly 40 coaches in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda who can go back to school and benefit from personal development within our programme.
Over 2000 hockey kids that receive weekly training from the coaches and can do sports and play in a healthy environment.

How it works


  • Register your team
  • Download the toolkit
  • Get your team involved and think of how you can make your video as cool and creative as possible (music, filters, skills, tricks, moves, jump, shout).


  • Create a (compilation) video in which we see you and your team members in a hockey chain
  • Everyone can do this from their own homes!
  • Send it to us (check the toolkit for the emailaddress)
  • Activate your club, friends, family and neighbours for #scorelikes4hockeydreams and find supporters. Tell everyone that your team is joining in and don’t forget to share it on your socials!


  • Create a fundraising page on GoFundMe
  • Add text and images (the toolkit will help you with this)
  • You can send the GFM link to everyone and it’s super easy to collect your funds.

4. START IN 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

  • We will post your video on our Instagram page
  • Get as many likes you can on our post with your video
  • Get as much money you can on your GoFundMe page


  • From the moment you register, you can start fundraising on GoFundMe.
  • On January 25th at 09:00 in the morning, we count the likes and the money to determine the winners.
  • We have prizes for everyone. For all participants of the challenge, for the team with the most money and the team with the most likes. 

The trophies to win

All participants of #scorelikes4hockeydreams
In gratitude for your team’s support, all members of the participating teams will receive a voucher for 50% discount on your purchases on (when purchasing over € 150).

The team with the highest amount of funds on their GoFundMe page
The team that raises the most money via their GoFundMe page will receive for each player a Custom GRYPHON Hockey stick. Players will be invited to choose their stick model (from TABOO Striker to TOUR model), shape (mid bow to extra low bow) and length. You have the amazing opportunity to design the hockey stick by choosing the colours, add your logo and player’s initials. 

The team with the most votes on Hockey Dreams’ Instagram Page
The team that gets the most likes on their video will receive a GRYPHON Thin Fin stick bag per player custom with club logo and player initials and number. 

Note: only teams from European countries can win the GRYPHON prizes.

Where are your donations headed?

The money you raise, will go to Hockey Dreams Foundation for the full 100%. More information you can find below. Would like to read more? Including what we do during times of COVID19? Read our Coach Stories, have a look at our social channels or send us a message.

The foundation

Hockey Dreams Foundation’s mission is to enable a better future through hockey. We do this by co-creating sustainable hockey communities: the hockey pitch provides a background for local learning opportunities. Coaches and kids from communities with challenging circumstances come together through their passion for the hockey sport. Together they play, share, learn and grow. The players and coaches of today, gain the confidence and competences to be the game changers of tomorrow.

Game of Change

For the coaches, we developed the Hockey Dreams Coach Academy: Game of Change. This is a personal development programme in which we combine education with experiences on and off the hockey pitch. Our coaches discover and develop their personal leadership and their ambitions. In other words, how they can be game changers in their community. They prepare for the job market or an enterprise by finishing high school and continue with college or a micro credit. They gain new coach skills on the pitch, which gives them confidence in their organisational and leadership skills off the pitch and thence become role models for the entire community.

  • 3 countries with a Hockey Dreams Community: Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. 
  • 38 coaches who follow the Hockey Dreams Coach Academy and/or run the activities for the kids. Meet our coaches.
  • Over 1000 girls and 1000 boys who train weekly with their Hockey Dreams Coach. 
  • 22 local schools where coaches run their training blocks.
  • 4 Mixed Camps and 2 Girls Camps organised yearly in each Hockey Dreams Community. Next to hockey, camps provide space to address life skills and social themes through hockey.

The coaches and players of today, gain the confidence and competences to be the game changers of tomorrow. We have graduated coaches who got scouted and now have a good job as sports teacher at an (international) private school, graduated coaches who hold a diploma in Hospitality Management and graduated coaches who now work at an NGO as an interviewer in local communes.