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Here you will find the entire Score 4 Hockey Dreams roadmap. From updates about the scores to stories of the participating teams, this is the place to find it. We’re super excited for our teams to get the fundraising as high as possible. Of course we have some amazing GRYPHON prizes, but above all our coaches and kids in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda will benefit from your efforts. Thank you all in advance!

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Excited for starting the new competition? Go for a win-win situation and Score 4 Hockey Dreams! With Score 4 Hockey Dreams you help our hockey…


Team 1

To be announced.


Team 2

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For all participating teams:
In gratitude for your team’s support, all members of the participating teams will receive a voucher for 50% discount on your purchases on (when purchasing over € 150).

For the winning team:
Custom GRYPHON Stick for each player of the team. You have the amazing opportunity to design the hockey stick by choosing the colours, add your logo and player’s initials. Each player will have the choice to select the Stick model (From TOUR to TABOO Striker), shape (Mid Bow to Extra Low Bow) and length. The Grand prize will be handed over personally by a GRYPHON Ambassador including a team clinic.

For the winning team:
Custom stick bag, GRYPHON Thin Finn, at 50% discount (recommended retail price of € 60) & Custom Protective glove, GRYPHON Gmitt Pro G4, at 50% discount (recommended retail price of €20).