Hockey Dreams and SportWays go way back. SportWays has been a loyal partner of the Hockey Dreams Foundation for many years. Partly due to their collaboration, our thousands of children in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda can play hockey every year and are guided by our hardworking and enthusiastic coaches, who also teach them valuable life lessons besides hockey. Together, we put our focus on personal development as a tool for growth.

In 2022, our coaches Innocent Raskara and Geoffrey Gama had their Dreams Trip in the Netherlands, where a big part of their traineeship is joining the SportWays hockey camps to learn valuable lessons around coaching, kids, logistics, personal growth and much more. Everything to pass around their team when they get home, and take their team and community to the next step. A huge experience for them in so many ways! Watch and see last year’s involvement of coach Innocent and Gama.

More involvement

And SportWays is even more involved with our programmes. They have been able to collect a huge amount of refurbished hockey sticks through their participants of overnight camps and day camps – who got their ‘old’ equipment from the attic and brought them to the camp intake. What a way to start your summer camp!

And as you might have noticed, the SportWays sweaters, shirts and shorts can be spotted on many of our photos and videos, worn by our coaches and kids. To strive sustainability, we make sure that these (very popular!) sports clothing of previous hockey seasons is put to well use in our local hockey camps.

Last but not least, many SportWays participants and their friends and families, have made donations to our foundation. We really want to thank every one of them to support our projects and are making sure that so many coaches and kids can play their favourite sport. SportWays people are amazing people!

SportWays SA

Since the summer of 2020, we also partnered up with the SportWays hub in South Africa, and organised the very first African Hockey Summit together. Read more about that partnership here.

Equipment collection

Want to know more about equipment collection and initiatives? We wrote a blog about the how and the why. Check it out!

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