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African Hockey Experience 2024

Together We Build Dreams

In 2024, we organise the unique African Hockey Experience again. Destination: Uganda. If you are excited to join a true adventure, ready to take action for a good cause and see, hear and feel how we make impact. Then this trip is for you.

23 feb 2024 – 03 mar 2024

Join the African Hockey Experience

Friends for life

Join our coaches

On and off the pitch

Make real impact

The pearl of Africa

Discover Uganda

Kick off & on the pitch

Flying by day, enables you to see the changing African continent until daylight ends. A few hours later you’ll arrive in Uganda. After a day full of travel nothing can beat the feeling of a good day on and off the pitch : make real impact. The first days we’ll start with a camp and a tournament. Our coaches taking the lead and 100 kids at the pitch where we do what we are best in! Join in and experience hockey in Africa!

Time to connect

Time to get to know the coaches in their habitat. Make a choice and visit them in small groups in the storage room, lunch at a parents restaurant, visit a school where coaches coach kids. Join our coaches and make friends for life.

Discover Uganda

The pearl of Africa : Discover Uganda. Either go on a safari and visit the big five in Murchison National Park or see how Ugandans develop sustainable and circular projects, visit together the marginalized communities of Kampala.

Meet the coaches

Meet the coaches off the pitch and join them for some last minute shopping on Owino market, get the vibe of their Ugandan league and end this wonderful trip with a farewell party. Time to say goodbye!


Home again, wonderful memories made to keep and to share.

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Ready for the African Hockey Experience 2024?


The financial side

The trip

Accommodation, food, drinks, transport, hockey, sailing, biking and much more!
480 euros


From Amsterdam (for example) to Kampala, and back. This is an indication; you will book your own ticket. We do advise to have a look already, you might find one one day earlier for a great price (feel free to take that flexibility).
900 euros


For registration & guidance pre, during and post your trip.
100 euros


Upgrade your trip with a safari! Spot rhinos, elephants, giraffes – and make your AHX even more memorable.
250 euros


Motivate your family and friends to support Hockey Dreams through your own GoFundMe, and make real impact on your trip.
1000 euros

Questions and answers

When does the AHX take place in 2024?

The African Hockey Experience 2024 will take place from February 23 – March 3. This means spending 10 days in Uganda and – depending on your flights – adding up a travel day.

For who is the AHX?

The AHX is accessible for everyone interested and supporting our mission, whether you’re a hockey player or not. We do ask you to be 18+ years or older on the day of departure – and if you’re younger, we ask you to bring a grown up with you.

Do I need to be a hockey player to participate?

No, not at all. There are plenty of non-hockey related activities. As long as you’re enthusiastic, you can sign up.

What happens to my sponsorship money?

100% of the money you collect as fundraising, goes towards the programmes of Hockey Dreams Foundation. To illustrate a bit:

  • with every 150 euros, we can run a local community project on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for around 50 girls/women;
  • with every 250 euros, we can organise a all inclusive day full of hockey and joy for 100 kids, including a good meal;
  • with every 500 euros, we can make sure 15 of our 45 coaches get a monthly allowance for their hard work on and off the pitch, to maintain themselves and support their families.

How do I start fundraising?

We got you! So no need to worry about that. You will have your own donation page where people can donate immediately. From our experience, personal networks are super powerful. Friends, family, team members, neighbours.. once they have heard about your adventure and our goals – they are very likely to support you. Together, we keep track of total amount you have raised, and we can also help you promote it or share ideas how to fundraise.

Do I need to book the accommodations myself?

We will take care of the reservations. You pay the costs of the overnight stays yourself on location.

Is it possible to stay in Uganda before and/or after the AHX?

For sure! We just ask you to be there at the start and the end, but other than that you’re free to extend your trip if you like. Just let us know and we can make sure we take it into account.

Is Uganda safe?

Safety situation in Uganda is different from the Netherlands. It is important to be prepared well.  Next to the fact that the HDF team will prepare you for your trip, it is advisable to check the website of foreign affairs and to register the period that you’ll be in Uganda: www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Hockey Dreams Foundation has the (Dutch) ANBI label, which means that under certain circumstances, donations can be tax-deductible. You can contact us at ahx@hockeydreams.nl if you need help with this.

What do I need to bring?

We will make sure you arrive in Uganda well prepared! Meaning a kick off meeting, information about your trip, a packing list, etc.

Which insurances and vaccinations do I need?

It is important you check with your insurance company if it covers Africa.

Municipal Health Services can provide you with advice about which immunizations you will need. Keep in mind Uganda has malaria and therefore you will need appropriate medication. Contact the MHS or a doctor for advice about what you will need. Contact your insurer to check if they cover the costs. Please bring your vaccinations booklet with you on the trip so you can prove you have the right vaccinations. If you want to travel through other parts of Uganda and Africa, you might need other vaccinations.

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