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The kickoff

Hockey Dreams Foundation, formerly known as the Kadish Foundation, was founded by Gijs Hardeman in April 2012. He started the organisation after setting up a half year project in Zambia on behalf of the Dutch Hockey Association. Invited by the International Olympic Committee, that project supported a hockey program at a new artificial grass pitch in Lusaka whereby local coaches introduced the sport to the community. When this project ended, Gijs decided to start a foundation which would continue with its objectives. Hockey Dreams Foundation was born.


A brighter future...

Our dream is to work in ten different developing countries. We would like our coaches to find jobs which enable them to take care of themselves and their families. It would be amazing if the coaches could keep the organisation alive by: a) pursuing local sponsorships to finance their local projects and; b) passing on their skills to a new generation of coaches. This would complete our cycle of sustainable change. Hockey Dreams Foundation headquarters in the Netherlands would, in that case, slowly handover all major operational matters and support from the sidelines.


... through hockey ...

Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to create a better future through sport. Worldwide we stimulate the development of young coaches. These coaches – besides being a coach – also finish their school and have the opportunity to attend college. We create a healthy sport community, which enables coaches to make dreams come true, develop people personally, socially and sportive wise and keep all hockey players away from drugs and criminal activities.


... for every coach ...

We are committed to provide the opportunity for a better future for every coach and his/her pupils, irrespectively origin, believe, race or nature. Our aim is to achieve this through sport and specifically through our local coaches. They are the key for our organization. They can develop personally by finishing their school, attend college and find a job as a young professional. And, they can transfer the message towards others. It is their job to create a safe sport environment where children can play and have fun.


... in a better world.

Our mission supports the Global Goals (also known as Sustainable Development Goals) with gratitude – created by the United Nations – aiming to make the world a better and more sustainable place by 2030. As an organisation, we are focusing on these goals hoping to spread this message.

Meet our people

We are very proud of our awesome group of people involved in our foundation. So, we would like you to meet them.

Our hard working local coaches in Zambia 🇿🇲, Malawi 🇲🇼 and Uganda 🇺🇬

Gift 🇿🇲

Super likable coach who knows how to be a great teacher. Very respectful and makes sure everyone is happy.

Benjamin 🇲🇼

Very passionate and experienced. He's the coach for our coaches and has developed many players.

Conssy 🇺🇬

Was born as a natural leader and is a fast learner. She's a big role model for all the local girls.

Ulemu 🇲🇼

A fast learner who is also very energitic on and off the pitch. She's really good with kids of all ages.

Innocent 🇺🇬

A real team player and mentor for his teammates. Enthousiastic coach, giving back to his community.

Ulemu 🇲🇼

Skilled player and coach, has some extraordinary drill tactics. Enjoys seeing next generations develop their skills.

Andrew 🇿🇲

Hard working and serious coach that makes good decisions for the team, and also has a lot of fun doing so.

Esnarth 🇲🇼

Always positive and interacting with coaches and kids. Has a great smile and has a very open mindset.

Teddy 🇺🇬

Silent force within the team. She is a driven hockey athlete, who values her teammates and is loved by all.

Martha 🇿🇲

Enthusiastic coach who jumps around. Always eager to learn and knows what she wants to achieve.

Godfrey 🇿🇲

The youngest and most energetic one you will get. Always helpful and loves to give high fives.

Doreen 🇺🇬

Has big plans in life and is steady going forward. Very open minded with big love for kids and hockey.

Kelvin 🇿🇲

Creative to the max, loves to entertain and has a 24/7 smile. Very into team effort and a lot of experience.

William 🇺🇬

Hard working coach and really crazy about hockey. Knows all the kids by name and has a big heart.

Mundayi 🇿🇲

A big momma to all coaches and kids. Teaches not only hockey, but how important life skills are for everyone.

Lawrence 🇺🇬

Enthusiastic, multi talented and warm coach. Is great with kids, they go ballistic when he's around.

Martin 🇺🇬

A natural leader in the field. Passionate, thoughtful and always an eye for his teammates and the kids.

Ritah 🇿🇲

Small girl with a big heart. Her referee skills are great and she's really good with the younger kids.

Lilian 🇲🇼

Passionate on the pitch, and ambitious off the pitch. An eye for detail and not afraid to speak up and share ideas.

Chisomo 🇲🇼

A tremendous social coach who does not look at coaching only, but also how kids perform academically.

Temwa 🇲🇼

Has an eye for detail and works hard to keep the equipment in order. Super passionated and open minded.

Peter 🇿🇲

A good analyst who has great understanding of the kids. Very keen on respect and working together.

Alexander 🇲🇼

Very technical and skilled defender who's becoming a good coach. Kids like his way of explaning drills.

Kudakwaishe 🇲🇼

A true time catcher and above all a quick learner. With his young age, he has big and ambitious dreams.

Geoffrey 🇲🇼

A thoughtful coach, motivated to develop activities and help his community. Has good presentation skills.

Beauty 🇿🇲

Very good listener who finds creative solutions when facing problems. She's a good coach and kids love her.

Richard 🇿🇲

A goalie with real good warming up skills. Big motivator to others and very focused on improvements.

Our enthusiastic group of extra block coaches

Joseph 🇿🇲

Funny guy who wants to be succesful in life. Works hard and cares a lot about others around him too.

Stella 🇿🇲

Caring and respectful coach who is positive towards the kids and fellow coaches. Knows how to downplay.

Wilson 🇲🇼

A very positive guy who has great vibes and much energy on the pitch. He easily associates with the kids.

Queen 🇿🇲

Curious girl who adapts everything she learns immediately into her coaching and daily life. Also much fun.

Kayla 🇲🇼

Free spirited and open minded coach. Has great communications skills and is very alert on her kids.

Jack 🇿🇲

Good hearted guy who believes hard work pays off. He's eager to ask questions and also a great goalie.

Grace 🇲🇼

A good coach with a lot of enthusiasm. She's a good listener to everyone and always eager to learn.

Geoff 🇲🇼

Passion driven coach who has been training many kids and coaches.

Our representing ambassadors

Maria Verschoor

Dutch National Team & Hockey Club Amsterdam

Bjorn Kellerman

Dutch National Team & Hockey Club Kampong

Tristan Algera

Hockey Club Rotterdam

Terrance Pieters

Dutch National Team & Hockey Club Kampong

Derck de Vilder

Dutch National Team & Hockey Club Kampong

Our professional board of directors and advisors

Jan Willem Bredius


Claudia Makumbe

Secretary | Motivated by her believe that sports positively influence lives.

Tjarko Tadema

Treasurer | Finance consultant passionate about hockey; does not hesitate to assist us with his experience.

Hugo van Donselaar

Board member | From intern to entrepreneur. Helping HDF with his experience in strategic planning.

Freek Tönis

Board member

Gijs Hardeman

Founder & Advisor | Extremely proud of all coaches & kids making their dreams come true.

Daniël Mens

Fundraising | Triggered by the impact Hockey Dreams has every week, committed to grow the impact with the team all together.

Our dedicated team

Merel van Amerongen

Managing Director | Driven to support our coaches and together build lasting hockey for development hubs
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Malou Janssen

Communication & Campaigns | Truly believe in starting small to grow organically and make big impact. Eager to run meaningful campaigns and tell stories.
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Rogier van Putten

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Sarah Hays

Events & Project Manager
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Marlène Döderlein de Win

Support Officer UG | Outright motivated to enable coaches to develop themselves and turn their dreams into plans.
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Charlotte Menting

Support Officer ZM | Supporting our coaches to live up to their full potential to make a change for themselves and in the lives of others.
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Kayleigh Schmitz

Support Officer MW
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Illona Hartman

Partnerships North America
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Sjoerd van der Sluijs

Club Connector
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Ana Laura Nario

Copy writer | Inspired to put the heroes of Hockey Dreams in the spotlight.
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Wouter Schotman

Equipment Manager East Netherlands

Nicole Maarse

Community Uganda

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