What we do

to make real impact


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The challenge

Little support for young people

There is little support for young people in some African regions due to lack of resources. Even when education is available, it is hard, if not impossible, for motivated, talented young people to take charge of their future and create a better future for themselves, including access to the labour market. With more than 10 years of experience in our pockets, we run a sport for development programme.

The location


Through our projects, we are setting up sustainable hockey communities run by local people. At this point, Hockey Dreams is working in three African countries: Zambia, Malawi and Uganda.


The solution

Sport for development

We believe sport and education is the way to support youngsters and prepare them for their futures. So we focus on the heroes of any sport: coaches. The coaches in our programme are supported and learn how to play, set goals, take charge of their life, care for themselves and others, to speak up, how to dream big and be the game changers of tomorrow. By linking organizations, local schools, sport associations and partners, we build communities where everyone is united and empowered through sport.

The impact


We have made quite an impact so far. By empowering young individuals through hockey, and instilling values like teamwork and discipline, we have been able to open doors for young people to dream big and face life’s challenges with confidence. This results in a number of Hockey Dreams Graduates; coaches who have been able to complete the Academy and their education, and started a new chapter in their life.

We believe in the power of people.
So we focus on our coaches.


The true game changers of our organisation – and much more than just a coach. They follow our Academy, develop personal skills, run hockey sessions for kids and prepare for their future.


The kids are in direct contact with the coaches and see them as their role model, who create a safe environment for them to make new friends, learn sportsmanship and become resilient team players.


Through our programmes, we set up sustainable hockey communities run by local people and linking up with other organisations, schools and families. Through this theory of change, we reach many.

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Nelson Mandela

Our graduates

One day, the Hockey Dreams journey comes to an end for our coaches. It depends when, but they all have fulfilled the Academy, make space for new coaches to join the programme, and now follow their dreams. We like to call them our Graduates. How they do now? They will tell you themselves!

Samuel Tagwirey

Hockey Dreams Graduate – Zambia

Ulemu Ngwira

Hockey Dreams Graduate – Malawi

Martha Kalomo

Hockey Dreams Graduate – Zambia

Lilian Kadongo (coming up)

Hockey Dreams Graduate – Malawi

Shadrick Katele

Hockey Dreams Graduate – Zambia