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How we do it

A future through hockey. Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to enable a better future through hockey. We do this by developing sustainable hockey communities: the hockey pitch provides a background for local learning opportunities. Coaches and kids from communities with challenging circumstances come together through their shared passion for the hockey sport.

Together they play, share, learn and grow. Hockey Dreams Foundation is there to assist youth in realizing their ambitions for a better future. The players and coaches of today, gain the confidence and competences to be the game changers of tomorrow.

Sport has the power to change the world.



Ten coaches – from underprivileged areas – in every community each running a registered, active hockey club. These clubs oversee: training, competition, equipment and other matters that are common in sport organisations. All our coaches receive a monthly allowance (their first job) and most important: their school fees. Education first!


Hundreds of children mentored on and off the pitch by our coaches. The children learn the importance of cooperation, how to respect each other and how to set goals. Other subjects covered include health and hygiene. The coaches motivate the children to play in a safe environment and, by example, demonstrate that anyone can have a bright future despite where they come from.


Thousands of people are reached through the programs facilitated by Hockey Dreams Foundation – not only coaches and children. By creating a healthy and safe sport community we stimulate parents, family members, friends and other athletes to be part of this developed, self-sufficient and sustainable community.

Our programmes

For our coaches

For the coaches, we developed the Hockey Dreams Coach Academy. This is a trainee programme in which our coaches discover and develop their personal leadership and their ambitions. In other words, how they can be game changers in their community.

They prepare for the job market or an enterprise by finishing high school and continue with college or a micro credit. They gain new coach skills on the pitch, which gives them confidence in their organisational and leadership skills off the pitch.

Personal Planning

Our coaches are in charge of their own route through the Academy. They are expected to plan ahead and take into account all the factors that affect their plan along the way. In this module our coaches:

  • Write a Personal Development Plan (Basic)
  • Pass Grade 12 and finish high school (Basic)
  • Evaluate on their Personal Development Plan (Basic)
  • Present their Personal Development (Basic)
  • Finish Vocational Education or Start Small Business (Advanced)
  • Final Personal Evaluation & Presentation (Advanced)

Competent Coaching

In this module the focus is on the ability of our coaches as a hockey coach. The skills they learn, are useful for the rest of their daily lives and career path. They learn how stand in front of a group, share knowledge, set boundaries and lead a team. The module includes:

  • FIH Hockey Coach Level 1 (Basic)
  • FIH Hockey Coach Level 2 (Basic)
  • Referee course (Basic)
  • Sport for Development Course (Basic)
  • FIH Hockey Coach Level 3 (Advanced)
  • Sport Coach Internship at local school (Advanced)
  • Hockey Dreams Trip to the Netherlands (Advanced)


In the ‘Management’ module, our coaches get to develop and use their leadership skills as well as administrative competences.

  • Computer Course (Basic)
  • Be a Camp Manager at one of the self-organised hockey camps (Basic)
  • Be a Tournament Director at one of the self-organised tournaments (Basic)
  • An extra course of their choice (Basic)
  • Job Application and CV workshop (Advanced)
  • Workshop of their choice (Advanced)
  • Extra course of their choice (Advanced)

For our kids

For the kids, the coaches are central in facilitating sport and play. The coaches grow into role models who create a safe environment where the kids make new friends, learn sportmanship and become team players.

Through hockey, kids practice communication skills, assertiviness, empathy and resilience. The coaches provide weekly training sessions in their communities or at public schools. They also organise hockey camps, leagues and tournament.

The impact

A sustainable community

Through our programmes, we are setting up sustainable hockey communities run by local people. We share our knowledge, provide provide equipment and each coach is assigned a project and responsibilities. The local coaches eventually set up their local NGO.The coaches choose their successors when a coach spot is available. It is also their responsibility to train their replacements. In this way, the knowledge is transferred from one coach to the next with little intervention from abroad.

The results

At this point, Hockey Dreams is working in three African countries: Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. We see the results of our method. Zambia is a good example of changes in the lifes of our coaches. They are attending school, developing as a person, able to take care of friends and family. The firsts of our coaches are finishing college and finding jobs now. They have become a role model for many people around them!



Coaches in our Academy


Kids participating in weekly clinics (and counting!)


Reusable hockey sticks shipped


Local schools involved
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Our graduates

At some point, the Hockey Dreams journey comes to an end for our coaches. It depends when, but they all have fulfilled the Academy and now follow their dreams. We like to call them our Graduates. How they do now? They will tell you themselves!

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