On January 24, it’s International Day of Education. Sport is an essential part of education. It provides a universal framework for fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect. Let’s celebrate International Day of Education!

Education for all.

Many of us believe in education for all. In Zambia, however, only 42% of students are enrolled in secondary education (UNICEF) whilst Malawi only sees a 31% enrollment rate (UIS UNESCO). Dropping out often leads to interference with personal development, unable to obtain a professional degree and exposure to crime. Education is crucial for every child growing up but especially for youth who are not given equal opportunities in life. Youth should not be denied an education because of financial restrictions, we believe it should be a right. 

From hockey to school.

Education is essential for youth in creating opportunities for themselves, staying away from illegal activities and providing for their families. Hockey Dreams provide youth with the solution to their biggest problem and help them finish their education so they can become true game changers in their communities and in the world. Besides their role as hockey coaches for thousands of kids, they learn the necessary skills and competencies at school to become leaders and role models in their communities. 

Coaches at school.

Hockey Dreams believes that all youth should have an education. This is what the foundation was built on. With our reach, we can send 30 coaches to school so they can finish their journeys in the Hockey Dreams programme at secondary and tertiary levels. We provide them with the support to do so by paying for the school fees and ensuring they fulfil their personal and professional ambitions. Our goal is to raise €7,500 so we can send all of our coaches to school in 2021 and 2022. We need your help to do so. 

So give something that really makes a difference. We need your help. Give them another day at school. 

Innocent is back in school.

Ulemu is back in school.

Jackson is back in school.