Hi EHL visitor! Sticks, balls or bibs around that you don’t use anymore? Bring them with you and give them a new destination through Hockey Dreams Foundation. In Uganda, Zambia and Malawi we support children and youth to realise their ambitions for a better future. And we do this through hockey!

As part of the ambition for these final rounds of the Euro Hockey League (EHL) to be the most sustainable hockey event in Europe, a work of art made by artist Denis Oudendijk is exhibited on the site. The artwork is made of coloured containers in which you can donate your (old) equipment. So any sticks, balls or bibs you are not using? Give them a new life and support 45 coaches and thousands of children. See you at the EHL!

Note: we won’t collect clothing, shoes, goalie equipment or other (protective) gear.

About Hockey Dreams

Hockey Dreams Foundation aims to create a better future through sport. We are an NGO registered in the Netherlands and through sport and play, and specifically through our beloved sport of hockey, we enable local learning opportunities for children and young adults in Uganda, Zambia and Malawi. We currently support 45 coaches who reach over 2000 children:

  • Coaches receive scholarships to finish Secondary School and continue their education in college or university.
  • Coaches weekly give hockey training to thousands of children in various schools and communities with challenging circumstances.
  • Coaches organise hockey camps, a Hockey Dreams League and aim to break barriers to sport participation through Community Projects.

All these projects add value in the communities as coaches create a safe space and are role models to thousands of children. At the same time coaches gain hands-on project management experience and take on leadership roles. Coaches are the game changers in their communities.


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EHL most sustainable hockey event

We thank Pinoke, The Wave and Circlarity for their partnership for this stick collection. EHL-host Pinoké works with foundation The Wave and sustainability partner Circlarity to make this event more sustainable and as circular as possible. All sports clubs in the Netherlands together already account for 53 million kilos of waste per year, of which 76% is not separated.

The Wave

Foundation The Wave was founded in 2020 from an initiative of hockey club Bloemendaal. The Wave’s mission is to make all sports clubs in the Netherlands plastic smart, litter free, more sustainable and more circular by supporting clubs with the right knowledge and tools. This is done in collaboration with Circlarity and Stichting Nederland Schoon.


Circlarity is part of Milgro, waste processor that supports associations and organisations where consumers come together to deal with the use of raw materials as sustainably as possible. Circlarity gives these (sports) associations advice and helps to implement advice by, among other things, providing suitable materials such as trays, bags and stickers. Where possible, waste streams are seperated to give a second life: coffee grounds to grow oyster mushroom croquettes, and orange peels go into cleaning products, and sponsor banners turn into ball bags.