Around the world we’re dealing with COVID-19. That has an impact on all our daily lives, workplaces and communities. And also brings uncertainty around projects and programmes in the weeks and months to come. Like us, organisations are facing big challenges and this asks for revised plans and expectations including necessary health measures and social distancing. However, we’re also mobilising everyone involved within Hockey Dreams and keep the positive spirit alive. 

We’ve come up with some revised short-term-plans to make sure all coaches and kids in our programmes are safe and healthy. These measures will be active until at least the end of June.

Do you have any ideas, tools or time to help out? Let us know!

All activities

  • all (bi)weekly hockey projects are on hold
  • all scheduled hockey camps, leagues and tournaments will be postponed
  • all pitches and other hockey locations are closed
  • the Hockey Dreams Trip to the Netherlands will be postponed

All our coaches

  • remain in the Hockey Dreams programme as a coach
  • receive their allowance – as other possible income-generating activities are limited due to corona measures, the allowance is more important than ever
  • are further supported in their personal development through our Coach Academy
  • provide feedback on / in the process towards a sustainable sport for development community
  • evaluate their projects to increase the impact they have on the kids they coach
  • stay safe and healthy at home – that also counts for the kids in the projects.

Hockey Dreams HQ

  • will focus on the qualitative aspect of our programmes
  • will look for online possibilities for courses
  • will together with the coaches assess, collect and develop sport for development tools


In the meantime, we’ve set up a small social campaign to share how our coaches, ambassadors and fans are dealing with the current situation. Because despite this, going outside your home playing hockey and having access to an actual hockey pitch, is in some countries anything but normal on a daily base.