In ‘Meet the coaches’ we present the true heroes of Hockey Dreams. The coaches combine education and coaching to strengthen both themselves and their communities. These ambitious and driven youngsters are ready to make their mark on the world. Aciro Teddy is one of our Ugandan Hockey Dreams Coaches. She tells you about her love for sports, her ambitions and her Hockey Dreams-path.


It is never too late. Life can be strange, all my life I have never been much of a storyteller but here I am, happily writing a story about me. It was a little frightening at first, but also very exciting; therefore I am happy Hockey Dreams Foundation asked me to write my story.  This is a story about me, Aciro Teddy Lucy.

Hockey and my education

Let me start my story on my own terms. I had a dream of becoming famous and this aspiration of mine was so present that I always found the spare time to chase this dream. I played a lot of games which I loved so much, for example, netball, volleyball as well as frisbee freeze and hockey. I was good in all of these sports. Although I loved them all, I had to find a way to balance this love with my education. I preferred netball and hockey the most and from that time I decided to focus only on one game because I had to spend more time on my education.

At school with my friends

I joined the game of hockey and started doing my very best in order to manage catching up with the cluster of girls who were already perfect in the game. After only a fortnight hockey became the apple of my eye and I was blessed with the position of captain because I showed interest and determination in the game. From that moment I have started developing my aspiration for becoming the best hockey player and starting my own hockey-project. It is one of my dreams to educate a cluster of youth about hockey; motivating the young kids to grew their love for the game because it is vital for their future selves. In the coming years I hope to be managing my project named ‘All For Our Good’, which is about educating the people who have faith in becoming famous one day too. 

I kept rubbing my chin, over and over again. My mind was miles away in a dream land, the word hockey kept running through my mind.

A Hockey Dreams Coach

In addition to my role of captain I have become a coach for Hockey Dream Foundation. Here I am pursuing my own as well as the kids’ goals by encouraging frequent training among the kids and improving their skills and personal development. I am supporting teamwork in order to achieve the best out of the game and watching sports news in order to acquire new skills and knowledge.

My biggest inspiration

Still in euphoria and having butterflies in my stomach I am thinking back of my idol Ayot Matrona Victoria. I envy her a lot because she is charming, hardworking and loving. She is ambitious, caring, determined, and whenever I think of her, all my fear becomes my solution. Although sometimes she is like gold dust, to me Matrona is my idol.

Despite of her being busy most of the time her words have always encouraged me to stick on to whatever I am doing because there is no testimony without a test. One day she told me that the number of times one fails does not matter, it matters how you raise again. These words really boosted my motivation to work hard for my future because I believe that when one sets their minds on something they should not leave it unfinished, because this will prevent them from fully enjoying their futures.