Hockey Dreams Foundation is proud to be a partner to the KNHB’s (Royal Dutch Hockey Association) Dutch championship of Trimhockey (NK Trimhockey), a fast-growing hockey league focused on fun and connections.

Trimhockey makes field hockey easily accessible for adults through laidback training, and having fun with a sense of competitiveness. As Hockey Dreams we aim to leverage the fun and connections of Trimhockey enthusiasts to share our mission: cocreating local learning opportunities through supportive sport communities. Coaches and kids can develop personally, socially and sportively, and make dreams come true.

In June 2022 we kicked-off our partnership during the first ever NK Trimhockey finals at HC Oranje Rood with a personalised ‘good luck video’ by Hockey Dreams coaches for the participating teams. In the future we will further engage with Trimhockey teams to share stories about our work, make connections and set up valuable partnerships between Trimhockey teams & Hockey Dreams’ local teams to take action!

Daniel Mens, one of the initiators of the NK Trimhockey: “The connection between trimhockey players of different teams and clubs is very strong, and this is also reflected in an initiative like Hockey Dreams Foundation. This really drives me to create a strong collaboration where both worlds benefit from this partnership.”

Merel van Amerongen, Managing Director of Hockey Dreams Foundation: “It’s a great benefit to be part of a hockey team and have that community you can be part of. Through the partnership with Trimhockey, we are excited to share with these hockey enthusiasts in the Netherlands, the stories and benefits of hockey outside the Netherlands.”


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About NK Trimhockey

Trimhockey is a fast-growing group within the Dutch hockey community, offered at many hockey clubs in the Netherlands (and even Belgium). Players with and without hockey experience can join. Once a week around 200 teams train or have a match. Teams usually have much more members than ‘regular’ teams – allowing more people to join hockey with less commitment. The Trimhockey Championship combines fun, connections & competitiveness.

About Hockey Dreams Foundation

Hockey Dreams Foundation supports young people in Uganda, Zambia and Malawi to pursue their ambitions while giving back to their community. The hockey pitch provides a background for local learning opportunities. This year is our 10th anniversary. Now 45 coaches train weekly over 2.000 children. We aim to grow our reach and impact to 100 coaches and 5.000 children.